Financial Planning

Steele Street PWM’s financial planning process is based on the six steps outlined by the CFP Board:

Establish Our Relationship

Steele Street PWM will explain our scope of services, define our responsibilities, and discuss our fee structure. We will collaborate to establish the parameters of our professional relationship.

Analyze and Evaluate

This step includes a full analysis of your balance sheet (assets and liabilities), income statement (cash flow needs), investments, tax strategies. And insurance coverage.

Implement the Plan

Any recommendations will be implemented by our portfolio management team, ensuring your plan and goals are clearly reflected in your investment strategy.

Gather Financial Data

We will gather your financial data, allowing us to assemble your financial picture. This process comprehensive, with the goal of creating a full personal balance sheet. Furthermore, we will gather all documents relating to risk management and insurance, to supplement your personal balance sheet and income statements.

Review Recommendations

Based on the analysis of your personal financial statements, we will present our recommendations. Our recommendations will specifically address any of your financial concerns in addition to providing improvements to your current strategies.

Monitor the Plan

Financial planning is a dynamic process, which requires constant monitoring of your personal circumstances. As changes occur in your life, they should be reflected in your financial plan and strategies. We aim to update your financial plan at least annually. Your plan will always be updated when your circumstances change.

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Retirement Planning

When it comes to retirement planning, the options are endless: pre-tax and post-tax savings, stock options and executive compensation, deductible and non-deductible contributions, to name a few. For those who are saving for retirement, we can assess your options and customize a plan to specifically fit your needs.

For those approaching retirement, we can customize a plan to maximize your income while minimizing the impact of taxes. With qualified plans, such as IRA, pension, profit sharing, and 401(k) plans, the timing and amount of withdrawals are critical in order to avoid additional tax penalties.

To guide you through the complexity of retirement planning, Steele St PWM is dedicated to help you:

  • Develop customized investment strategies based on your personal objectives, risk tolerance, time frame, and current financial situation.
  • Deliver sophisticated individual and corporate solutions to help you reach your goals and maximize realized tax benefits for both you and your corporate entity.
  • Work to preserve and grow your portfolio.

Equity Compensation

Steele St PWM offers expertise in executive compensation. We can help you with both the near-term tactical decisions that can make the most of your stock grants and the long-term strategic thinking we believe should drive your retirement planning. We can help distill the complexities of equity compensation and help determine which grants should be exercised and held along with helping to assess the tax implications of your personalized strategy.

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